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Paramotoring is exciting, fun experience few will ever forget!

*Video shoot and cut by Jase Kovacs.

we met a group of paramotors flying out of Langkawi island in Malaysia I thought it was an opportunity too good to miss.

Jase Kovacs


Glides Like An Eagle

We offer you with a joy and fun activities during your holiday or just a casual visit to Langkawi with an exciting view from above. Each passenger whom take the Paramotor Ride with Langkawi Gliders will experience “A One Day Pilot”. Passenger will have the experience of toggling the paramotor during the flight time above the safety height with the guidance from our experienced paramotor pilot.

Before the take off on each session, a briefing will be held out to passenger on the aspect of safety during the take off, airborne, landing, and also on an emergency case.

Slowly you’ll rise into the air, above and in front of the breezing air. The silence is breathtaking. The view, awe inspiring! Participants must be at least 3 years old in order to paramotoring. Passenger weight must not exceed 90 kg and maintain a good health. The smoothness of each take off depending on weather per day activity.



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This experience is completely weather dependent, and we can’t guarantee a flight. If your experience has to be cancelled because of weather conditions, you will be offered a re-schedule.